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car pict

Ford GT40 Mark I Gulf Heritage Chassis p2285 —
The spirit of performance and heritage dwelling within a machine.

car pict Shown above with 17" wheels with steel belt tires. Shown right with 15" wheels and Avon track tires. side view car



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Welcome to the celebration of GT40 p2285
by Robert Sackett, Project Manager/Exclusive Caretaker of GT40 p2285

I am blessed and delighted to be a part of the historic Ford GT40 Renaissance!

GT40 chassis p2285 is an authentic Continuation GT40 race car manufactured under the scrutiny of Safir GT40 Spares, Ltd., the undisputed legal holder of the GT40 trademark.

GT40 p2285 Continuation vehicle is also licensed and registered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles as a 1965 GT40. It was custom built with the famous 1968/1969 extra wide body rear clamshell, with wider rear wheels and tires.

The complete and proper description of GT40 p2285 would be as follows: GT40 Mark I, Gulf Heritage, extra wide-body, authentic Continuation car. The Gulf Heritage designation refers to the livery of the vehicle. Go here to learn more about car livery. Currently, this amazing vehicle is one of only three GT40 Mark I Gulf Heritage Extra Wide-Body Continuation Vehicles within the United States.

Because p2285 is an authentic licensed CONTINUATION GT40, its chassis number will appear in the records and books along with all the earlier Le Mans winning GT40 chassis numbers. The chassis numbering began at 1,000. None of the kit or replica cars will be listed within those records. (See SAAC GT40 Registry)

There are three rear body widths for Mark I GT40s. Below is a comparison of two of them.

wew erewr
Replica GT40 Mrk I, Narrow Body GT40 p2285 Mrk I Gulf Heritage, Extra-Wide Body

"As the price and the rarity of the Ford GT40 have increased, so has the demand for a continuation model as well as cheaper imitations and replicas of varying appearance and quality. There have been several kit cars and replicas made that have been inspired by the Ford GT40, as well as a continuation (exact and licensed)."


What Is A Kit Car, Replica, Factory Continuation, Clone/Tribute
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pict car
pict car

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