More About GT40 MKI Chassis p2285

Engine Basics: Ford 351w/427 CI

Engine Performance Specs:
Redline 8,000 RPM
H.P. 600 — 650 @ 6,200 RPM
TQ 647 @ 5,100
11:1 Compression
Top Speed 236 MPH (Calculated from: tire diameter, axle gearing, and maximum engine rpm.)

Engine Components:
World Man-O-War billet cap block,
  rated up to 1,200 H.P.
Callies 4340 Magnum XL crankshaft
Oliver Billet steel rods
Custom Ross forged dished pistons
3/8" chromoly pushrods
Sequential Port Fuel Injection
Brodix 225cc CNC polished & ported
heads that flow 334cfm @ .700"
Custom competition solid Roller cam
Jesel 1.70 Shaft Roller Rockers
ARP head studs and main studs
MLS head gaskets
FAST XFI 2.0 ECU, Harnesses, Sensors, etc.
Crower severe duty
solid roller HIPPO lifters
Titanium retainers
Total Seal rings
Clevite H-Series bearings
McLeod Aluminum Flywheel
RST (McLeod) Twin Kevlar Disk Race Clutch

Car Basics, Credits and Custom Features

Engine Builder
L&R Engine Builders
Santa Fe Springs, California

Bundle-Of-Snakes 180 degree Headers Ceramic/Steel
High Tech Automotive, S.A.

Transmission Original 5-Speed
RBT ZF Transmissions, Anaheim, California

Weber Look-Alike Sequential Fuel Injection Manifold
Eight Throttle Bodies, Eight Injectors
8-Stack EFI, Youngstown, Ohio

Fuel Air Spark Technology, Memphis, Tennessee

Car Chassis, Frame, Suspension Interior and Body
High Tech Automotive, S.A.

Four-Wheel Hydraulic Suspension Lift System, 2" front & back, KW Automotive
Sanger, California

Custom Paint Livery — Gulf Blue/Gulf Orange with gold pearl overlay.
High Tech Automotive, S.A.

Street Use: Original BMR 17” Spinner Wheels, Perelli Racing Tires, steel belted.
Vintage Wheels, San Diego

Show use: Original BMR 15” Spinner Wheels, Avon soft rubber, Vintage Wheels, San Diego.

Talbot Original German Side Mirrors
Aardvark International, Whittier, California

Custom Vintage Gauges
Speedhut, Orem, Utah