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Written and presented by Robert Sackett, GT40 p2285, Authentic Continuation Car

To increase one's own understanding, and to arm one with the knowledge to discuss this topic accurately with others, it is prudent and worthy to define various definitions of the category of car creations that are frequently misunderstood.

The exact details and definition of each car type far exceed the intent of this article. However, a brief but accurate overview is as follows.

Kit Cars:

Most often, kit cars are created when an individual owns or acquires a donor car of a specific year and model, as specified by the kit car company. The body and bumpers of the donor car are removed, and the kit-car maker provides a new body and/or bumpers designed to attach to the donor chassis and the new body fits around the donor car's dashboard, etc. The car will then somewhat resemble the year and model of the classic car one is attempting to recreate. Kit cars are far less identical to the original classic car intended, and thus the least expensive.

Replica Cars:

Most often, replica carmakers attempt to make the classic car appear as near to the original as possible and feasible. However, they often employ different suspension and other less apparent changes by using parts from more recent cars. This saves money by not having to specially machine exact and original car components and parts. No donor car is usually required. The body, trim, gauges, and physical dimensions of the classic car are made to closely replicate, as well and as possible the year and model of the classic car intended. Most often the body of these cars are built to better standards and closer to the dimensions of the classic car intended than the kit cars are. However, they are not as exact in most areas as the authentic continuation cars are. The replica cars typically cost more than kit cars, but less than authentic continuation cars.

Factory Built GT40 Continuation Race Cars

Safir GT40 Spares, owner of the famous GT40 trademark is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is operated by the three Senior Partners: John Sadler, Brady Pack, and Bob Wood. Their company granted exclusive rights to HiTech Automotive Company to manufacture authentic licensed Continuation GT40 race-cars, which are made to exacting standards using original blueprints and components. An authentic GT40 Continuation car is assigned a valid unique chassis number, which authenticates it as a "real" one. That unique chassis number will remain assigned to the subject car for the remainder, and will be published along with all the other famous GT40 chassis numbers within the *SAAC GT40 Registry. Kit and replica cars are not assigned chassis numbers, authentic or otherwise. In recent years, Authentic Continuation cars were auctioned by Barrett-Jackson and other high-end auction houses. Neither kit nor replica vehicles have been sold by the high-end auction houses to date. Continuation Cars generally cost more that Kit and Replica Cars, but less than Vintage Factory Built cars.

* "Ford built a wonderful car, and maintained excellent records. Professionals such as Ronnie Spain and Greg Kolasa (World Registry) have dedicated much of their lives in maintaining an honest, accurate GT40 history. There are credible associations around the world celebrating the factual history of this great automobile . . ." Quote from John Sadler, Brady Pack, and Bob Wood, Safir GT40 Spares.

Clone/Tribute Cars:

Most often, an earlier factory built BASE model car is embellished with all the original factory premium upgrades such as the engine, other components, trim, wheels, and badging of the more rare, more valuable UPSCALE MODEL. One example might be a 1969 BASE model Mustang. At great expense and effort, an original 428 CI Cobra Jet engine and hood could be located and installed, along with other factory original Cobra Jet type components. This would then become more valuable than the BASE model, but not as valuable as an original Cobra Jet. These cars have been accepted by, and auctioned at the higher end auction houses.

Factory Built Vintage GT40 Race Cars:

107 GT40s were built between 1964 1969 and were produced by Ford Advanced Vehicles, John Wyer Automotive Engineering, Kar Kraft, and Shelby American. Assembly of the GT40s were as follows: MkI, MkII, and MksIII in Slough, UK. The MkIVs were assembled in Wixom, Michigan, USA.

A 1968 original GT40 p1074 Mark I extra wide body, Gulf Heritage, Mirage, sold at an R&M auction in Monterey, California in August of 2012 for $11 million. Click Here

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